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I'm looking for someone in the SF Bay area to work with me to effectively implement a long-range, information harvesting 'information bee' , along the lines of this pioneering work a few years back:

I've tried to reach these guys several times, to no avail....guess they (UAE government sponsors) have more important things to worry about than figuring out licensing, patent, or other pesky things to make that work available; whatever.... doesn't look too hard... in theory  :-)

I can imagine a companion RPi with WiFi dongle, that got woken up from sleeping once a geofence was crossed, and APM went into a MAV_CMD_NAV_LOITER_UNLIM , with a timeout...

The companion RPi would wake up and signal the ground item (camera, bioacoustic recorder, etc) via XBee or LORA or APRS to turn on its WiFI, and then the two would try to pair peer-peer, and effect the transfer.  Once complete, the RPi would send PIXHAWK a MAV_CMD_OVERRIDE_GOTO to continue the mission. The ground item would turn off it's WiFi.

I'm working on that RPi/WiFi/XBee piece; need a ride on long-range fixed wing.  I can imagine a Yagi embedded along/under the wing, that "points" towards the ground item while banked and loitering.

Really looking for someone in the SF Bay, to work with and eventually test /demo things out at the UC Berkeley reserve site:

Rumor has it there's some Berkeley DNA out there in Ardupilot land ...




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