infrared camera


We just release two new products,TC 160&TC 384 on the market, It can be easily integrated into your aircraft.


Our thermal imaging core is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one thermal imager with outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality. With advanced thermal image processing, TC160 & TC 384 provide crisp thermal
image video which can be displayed on any monitor that accepts composite
outstanding image quality and sensitivity.

TC384 core can be easily integrated into products or systems of (customer’s) design with the multi-interface at backside. A TC core may support the digital video output (LVDS), composite video output (BNC),
remote control on PC (RS232) after connected directly with your existing

we provide 4 different sales package for the user’s option: Lens-less packing, Optional-lens packing, Cover-less packing and Naked-chipset packing(without lens & shell)

TC384 are convenient to be fixed into an existing CCTV system with M3 & 1/4”-20 mounts, also they can be integrated into various of applications including night vision systems, fire fighting equipments, weapon sights, security & surveillance products, and more.

Product Features
• Compact, lightweight package for easy integration
• 50Hz frame rate for real time, crisp thermal images
• Video output in black & white or color palettes
• Multi-interface for easily embedded application.
• 2x digital zoom enables users to see objects details
• RS232 interface offers access to remote control on PC.
• Advanced image processing function presents excellent thermal image video.
• Professional analysis software enable customers to create their own applications

Detector Data

Detector type        Focal plane array(FPA), uncooled Microbolometer

IR resolution           384×288pixels

Pixel pitch                 25μm

Spectral range             8-14μm

Thermal sensitivity         (NETD) 65mk



Image Presentation          Focus Factory-set at infinity focus, lens thread mount allows focus adjustment

Frequency               50/60Hz

Electronic zoom             2x

Polarity/LUT / Contrast        Black hot / White hot

Image processing          Advanced image improvement

Brightness/Contras         Auto/Manual

Video color               Color palette or black &white

Analog video output        BNC interface NTSC or PAL composite video (video format must be specified at time of order)

Digital video output        14-bit serial LVDS data stream

video output resolution       NTSC:640 x 480 pixels PAL:680 x 576 pixels


Power System

Voltage                    8~24V

Consumption            2.2W steady state



Environment Data


Operating temperature        -2060

Storage temperature          -4070

Humidity                   Non-condensing. 5 to 95

Shock                     70g shock pulse with a 11ms half-sine profile

Vibration                  4.3g rms random vibration for 8hours(three axes)


Physical Data

Size (w/o lens)           48.5 x 49x 51mm

Weight(w/o lens)        142g( with cover)


External DC input        Yes

Analog video output        PAL/NTSC

Digital video output        16-bit serial LVDS

Serial ports                  RS232

Mounting                       M3,1/4’’-20


Packing includes


Thermal imaging core, serial Interface cable, Video cable, Adapter, software CD, manual, warranty card


Infrared lens

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  • Hi, I'm using TC384 TI camera through RS232 interface. I am not able to find various RS232 command(with details like header, crc, stop etc.) for controlling the camera. Any help in this direction would be grateful.

  • Can you please supply a video of the images that this produces? or pictures (preferably both :) )
This reply was deleted.


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