init_gps() called only for EM406?

I'm going through the ArduIMU code to enable an MTK GPS, and I noticed this odd part of setup():
 //Setup EM406 for SIRF binary mode at 38400bit/s
  #if GPS_PROTOCOL == 2

This would imply that only the EM406 GPS configuration calls init_gps(), but each GPS of every type defines such a function.

I can't see how the MTK init_gps() ever gets called, for example.

What am I missing?

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  • Developer
    Yes, I am maintaining it, or at least I should be. I'll try to spend some time on it next week. There are a variety of things that are broke wrt gps.

    Chris, thanks for turning on the issues list. That will help motivate me ;)
  • Developer
    I think Doug is maintaining this, but I noticed there is no issues list on the ArduIMU project page. Is that something you can enable?
  • 3D Robotics
    init_gps() is only needed for GPS modules that need to be switched into binary. We now do that automatically in the MTK library, rather than with a special init call (or should do; it's a recent addition and I haven't tested it)
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