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I'm building an RCexplorer style Tri with a AMP2.5, Turnigy9x (in airplane mode) and all the other HK.com stuff I need. I'm running Arducopter V2.9.1b and everything seems to work great (Pitch,Roll, throttle), except the yaw servo. In failsafe there is no output to channel 7 no matter the Yaw input from the Tx or movement of the AMP.

I'm hoping there's some setup step I missed somewhere but I've been through most of the relevant wiki pages an nothing seems to pop out at me.

Hope some one can help me out!



TLDR: AMP2.5, V2.9.1b tri, Turnigy 9x, no output to channel 7 / yaw servo

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Not helping... but have to laugh @ TLDR!

Bump, I'd really like to not wait another month for another motor and ESC to make this a quad.


I don't know how much you have checked. Did you remember to power the servo?  I have a APM 2.0 in a tricopter config, I see the APM2.5 has the input/output side power jumper removed by default according to the manual  Without this power jumper a power source will be needed to run the servo on the output side.  Note the user group recommends powering servos from a different power source from the APM - some servos can use a lot of power.

Once the servo is working check carefully for servo direction else you will have a very interesting first flight.

Thanks for the reply,

What firmware version are you running? I may try to load an older firmware and see if something is broken in 9.2.1b.

The servo is powered from the BEC of one of my ESC's and I confirmed it was getting power (both with my DMM and by turning the servo and feeling the resistance).

In both the flight data and configuration tabs of mission planner it shows that no signal is being sent to the servo (connected to RC7 output as per https://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/APM2_Motor_order). In the standard parameters tab (in the configuration menu) RC7 is set to disabled by default but there is no option for "rudder" or anything similar in the drop down and setting it to manual does not help either.

The only channels that are showing any output are 1-4. Channels 1,2, and 4 are connected to my ESC's and they behave as they should. Channel 3 shows a constant output of ~1062 no matter what the input is to AMP.

I'm running 2.9.1b.  Works fine much better than the previous versions.  Output 7 is the correct connection for the servo.

Did you arm the APM?  My servo only moves when the APM is armed.  When disarmed the servo is centered.

I armed the AMP using both the Tx and through the mission planner and tested the servo with the motors spun up to about 25% and at 0% throttle. In all cases the mission planner showed no output at all on RC7 and the servo never moved. 

It really seems like I am just missing something in the code to initialize the RC7 output.

make sure you have your receiver connected correctly to the apm. Channels 1-4 are for roll pitch yaw and throttle. I use 5 to control the mode. 6 and 7 control camera point on my gimball

I've got 1-4 set up for RPYT but I don't have any of the other channels connected at all. Mission planner shows the correct bars moving when I move the corresponding sticks on my Tx. Could the problem be that I don't have the other channels connected? I have all my modes set to stabilize so I figured I would not need to worry about channel 5 for now.  

so everything is connected properly.. have you try another servo ?

is the ground wire from APM to the servo also connected ? signal wire needs ground too as i remember..

pardon for my english..

I haven't tried another servo yet, I can do that when I get home. The servo has ground power and signal wires all connected to the AMP.

I do doubt that it is a problem with the servo though as the mission planner shows that it is not outputting any signal to the servo.

Did you managed to fix the problem?

I'm also experiencing a similar problem.

me too! I'm sitting here angry.

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