I have APM 2.5 and wonder how input and output are supposed to connect to...

I want autopilot and and manual flight..

If I do autopilot then do I need still need input?? and for what?? because I'm thinking.. if I upload 

program with flight plan.. I don't need input.. am I right?? 

and if I do with manual.. then I need input connected to receiver like AR7000...

any help would be appreciated 

thanks... ^^

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Yes, you need a RC receiver connected as a backup to regain manual control. 


no receiver with autopilot

and receiver with manual flight??

You need a receiver connected. It's just not used during autonomous flight. 

so no matter I flight with autopilot or manual flight.. right??

got it..

Do you need 2 receiver, for manual flight and for fly-by-wire.

APM will do switching, when you want to do, manual or FBW. When you flying in AUTO, for example, APM will execute a flight plane.

But, if you want, could you through radio do some nudges, understood? Did you really, read this WIKI??

I got it... 

I just finish manual flight with my transmitter....

I should read all info I need..


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