Is there an issue with Dronekit 2.0 not being compatible with MAVproxy?

I am trying to install DroneKit following the instructions from both Ardupilot and Dronekit websites and not having any success. It seems MAVproxy has been updated but is incompatible with Dronekit and pymavlink.

When installing i receive an error that MAVproxy is not compatible with the version of pymavlink which Dronekit requires.

Aside from these issues, when i try to run MAVproxy i just receive streaming code that is not translated.

Can anyone provide assistance on how to install DroneKit on Raspberry Pi 3B?

My hardware:

Pixhawk 2.4.8

RPi 3B

Raspian Stretch (Latest)

ArduRover 3.4.2

900mhz telemetry link

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