We are a small startup company located in Norway, reaching out to the community here instead in hope that we can give something back to community instead of hiring a software engineer.

We need a logger for air and imu data and hence we have chosen the Pixracer and the arduplane software, however we also need to log forces coming from 5 strain gauges(digital spi), so the task will be to simply integrate these into the opensource code as a new sensor. We have a arduino program(running on the nano) to receive the data from strain gauge, but we would like these to be transfered over the mavlink protocol so that we can make logfiles and look at all the sensor at the groundstation aftera flight.

We hope someone might be interested in this task or at least can help us out to point how to implement a new sensor in ardupilot enviroment.

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Hi Kim,

Hit me up at mat@msadowski.ch for arranging a free 30 minutes consultation. I will give you some pointers where to look and the best way of checking that the sensors work as you expect.

Best regards,

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