Integration of PX4 FMU + PX4IO with DJI Phantom2 Vision

I have been experimenting the integration of the PX4FMU/PX4IO with a DJI Phantom2 Vision.

As I am currently exploring the use of only the Radio Controller for a Manual control.

Able to connect the RC Transmitter Graupner MX-20 to the Quad Copter.  But when I apply even a full throttle, the system does not take off.

Up until the take off stage, everything seemed to work.

Connection of RC with the Quad - done

ESC/motor response to RC transmitter - done

Take off - fail

The system that I have currently are 

1: PX4FMU/PX4IO board

2. Phantom 2 with the following Stock hardware

    Frame and Hull

    ESC and Motors

    Power Distribution board with the ESC and Motors still connected

    Original DJI 5 Mah battery

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