Is this still an option or is the technology outdated already?

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Do you mean Edison?


It's been cancelled, so yes that's a dead end. 

Thank You, any suggestions for Pixhawk 2. I am starting from scratch and I want to start and learn with the best I can afford.

Chris Anderson said:

It's been cancelled, so yes that's a dead end. 

If you're just starting, a standard Pixhawk is more than good enough and much cheaper.  Clones are available for less than $100 on Amazon, or you can even get an official 3DR Pixhawk Mini for just $92

I was hoping we didn't have to go down that road Thanks anyway.

You can still use the Pixhawk 2 without the Intel Edison.

I chose a Raspberry Pi 3 to do my bidding for my companion computer. The excitement builds. 

What does that mean for us that already have one? I cannot get another pixhawk 2.1 with an edison?

The way I understand it is that the Edison project has been canceled. No support anymore. As stated earlier it is a dead end. There are several places to buy them though. 

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