Interference between Xbee Pro S3B telemetry and TBS Crossfire Micro

I am looking at upgrading my hexcopter to work beyond visual line of sight for an upcoming competition (over 1 km from launch). I have ordered the TBS Crossfire Micro RX and TX for RC. I already have Xbee Pro S3B's for my data-link (and a Yagi antenna), and so I am concerned about interference between the two signals, since the Xbee's operate between the frequencies 902 MHz and 928 MHz, just like the TBS Crossfire Mini. I know both of these have frequency hopping (FHSS), and I believe the Xbee's allow you to select via their software a specific frequency in that range. I am not sure how effective this would be in preventing interference, as I am not an expert in this area. I was wondering if anyone had any previous experience working with both of these (or similar products), and can provide more information?

Will I have to order a new data-link in the 433 MHz range?

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