Hi All,

    I   had a medium bad crash today while in the middle of validating flying modes and functions.

I was verifying guided mode from a tablet without RC xmitter on did one flight perfectly of about 2-3 minutes.

GPS was missing the landing spot by about 8 ft.

Did another flight without powering off again was pretty tame(and was monitoring telemetry and controlling flight via tablet in guided mode)

GPS again variable and almost clipped the grills on landing ).

autolanded again and then powered on 9XR with OrangeRX OpenLRSng installed on IRIS+ and 9XR..

Heard a few beeps initially from 9XR and then used the tablet to arm in stabilize mode(and 9XR left in stab mode throttle zero)

Commanded a takeoff and then used tablet guided more to scoot around the field.. seeing battery at 11V.

I commanded home and was waiting for the landing sequence to start when I heard the 9XR beep.

I saw the mode on the tablet screen change to stab and heard the motors stop above me and then the crash sounds(10 meters drop)

unfortunately instead of mislanding in the grass the damn GPS was spot on to the takeoff spot on the concrete.

Cost so far is one tarot 2D gimbal

1 gopro hero3_black

1 telemetry radio

4 props and

my custom lightweight CF legs for the IRIS..:(

replaced the props and legs and IRIS flys fine in stab mode..

so mostly just cam and gimbal replacements needed..

couple observations

1 Who is on first!!

whatever  control channel was used to start the flight should be the ONLY one allowed to command a return to stabilize mode unless that control channel lost.

2. it should NEVER be possible to command a return to stabilize mode with throttle at zero in a copter that is in flight while a plane can get way with this for a copter it is FATAL!

.. might as well put a crash me switch label on the mode switch

this is true no matter WHAT the control channel RC or telemetry.

       hzl(who is busy looking at APM code to make the above changes)

logs attached

2015-03-06 12-51-11.bin

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