Introduction of brushless motor stator manufacturing process with progresive die stamping

Maybe some of the motor engineers do not know how the stators has been produced, 

This document shows the common stator manufacturing process with progressive die stamping and Interlock, we hope it is benefit for you to have a better understanding on the stator manufacturing process especially with the progressive die stamping;

before we introduce,we must know the advantage of progressive die stamping and interlock point lamination technology if compare to another two lamination method with stator bonding lamination and stator welding lamination:

1. high precision and good tolerances on stator dimension

2. fully automation and realized all lamination by stamping mold and punching machine

3. Silicon Steel sheets No. can be calculated and controlled accurately by program;

4. Can realize Skewing lamination automatically

5. Lowest production cost because all lamination realized automation;

6. Best Uniformity on dimensions and stator quality

Typical process of motor stator manufacturing, please see the articles in our website:

this is the video link:

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