Hi! My name is Sarah and I produce “Should This Exist?” a brand new podcast that examines radical technologies, the inventors behind them, and the community who engages with them.

Our next episode focuses on DIY Drones and the community you all have contributed to here. We’re interested in bringing your community to life, which means hearing from you directly!!  

Please call us at (347) 294-3413 and leave a voicemail with responses to:

  • How did you learn about DIY Drones?
  • What’s a specific project that the DIY Drones community helped you with? Or a specific question they helped you answer?
  • When did your drone end up somewhere that it wasn’t supposed to? What did you do about it?  
  • What happened the first time you successfully flew?
  • What was your biggest mistake?
  • What’s your dream drone look like? Have you tried to build it?

Please also leave your name and the best way to follow up with you and we will be in contact to learn more about you and your story. You might have the opportunity to be featured on the next episode of “Should This Exist?”!

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