iOS ground control development

Hello guys!

My team and me are developing the iOS application using ArduCopter autopilot. The main issue is that we are new to the subject of autopilots and can't really understand the subsequence of required commands that are need to be sent to the copter in order to start some mission.

We have now working SITL and our raw application. All we have are heartbeat messages sent by SITL and received by us. To move further we need to understand how all this messaging system works, I mean it would be great if somebody tell us where to read, where to start from. What we have to send after heartbeat is sent/received in order to start mission 'follow me' for example? Maybe there are some sequence of initial or setting messages must be sent one by one before the actual command is sent to copter. Please, any guide, any source, any docs would help a lot to understand the world of these messages of controlling.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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