I am looking for an IP camera or some other camera that can be programmed and used with Raspberry Pi. I want to use it for some application. This application requires a good quality output.

I have this important question too. I feel that FPV Cameras are good in view Quality. If I am correct, I would like to know whether it is Programmable or not.

So, can anyone please suggest some good quality cameras that can be programmed, used with Raspberry Pi and are quite cheap in cost.

It would be better if it is available in India or has a very less shipping time.

Thank you in advance.



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Why not just use a Pi Camera? You can program it to use TCP/UDP/RTSP protocols and it costs 25-30 USD. 

Hello Andrew Murphy,

Thank you for your suggestion. 

In fact, I am looking for something to use from a distance like 15 meters. For that purpose, this Pi camera will be bad in output resolution quality. Can you suggest something better to me?

Thank you. 

I'm using this code to stream video from Gopro camera


Can I program my Go Pro? If yes, what about patent issues and all??

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