Hey guys

Im not sure if this will be any use to anyone, but it is to me. Saves having to use a remote cable for my SLR.

Assemble takes all of around 15 mins including code upload.

Its basically an IR Camera Shutter control using an Arduino uno and a IR led.

Super simple and it actually works really well.

I modified the code a little so you can attached a servo switch to your RX and the arduino board (pro mini instead of the uno)

Iv tried it on my Nikon D5100 and it works.

The site says it works on:






Here the link: http://sebastian.setz.name/arduino/my-libraries/multi-camera-ir-con...

Let me know what you think.


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I love the idea, but looks like the camera I chose (Sony WX10) doesn't have IR control. :(

I love the idea too.

 Can we add this code to APM and use script for shutter release?

I dont want add one more ardu :)

How are you release your camera?

It can definitely be added to the APM code.

What do u mean how do i release the camera?

Im busy putting one together that uses an ATTiny uC instead.

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