I don't know if anyone can help me out, but I've got an IRIS+ that won't stop blinking yellow lights.  I can't figure out how to connect it to APM Planner so I can see any kind of output message that it might be telling me.

I appear to have successfully installed this firmware (as per the output) through APM Planner 2.0:

once that was done I disconnected the drone.

I turned on the remote control transmitter
  CH 7 was off
  STD was selected
  RTL was off

I inserted the battery into the drone

The drone sang
  it flashed red and blue
  It flashed yellow
  it flashed red and blue again
  it flashed yellow and kept flashing yellow

I kept it as still as possible while plugging in the battery
after a few minutes I closed the battery hatch on the drone

I armed the drone by pressing the small button on top
  The propellers briefly quivered 
  the lights kept flashing yellow

On the remote controller transmitter I pressed the left stick to the bottom right
The drone gave me a sad "uh-uh" tone

I left it outside with a clear view of the sky for 45 minutes just in case the GPS wasn't locking.

Any clues or advice?

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Okay, so I managed to fix this sort of.

I'm kind of a newbie, so I connected my little 3dr radio to my macbook pro via a usb cable and turned on my remote-control transmitter box.  The I connected my battery on the drone.

Once they all connected, APM planner started speaking the problems with my drone.  I think this would have been the obvious way to fix the problem except that I actually have four drones and didn't realize that the little 3dr radios, the remote control transmitters and the drones were all uniquely paired to each other.  Once I got the right 3 all booted and connected APM Planner started telling me what to do.

Surprisingly this also activated a bunch of previously hidden features that allowed me to calibrate my drone from APM Planner.  I had to calibrate the RC transmitter, the compass and the accelerometers.   I THOUGHT I did this correctly.

When I took it outside to fly though once I got it in the air I panicked and hit the RTL switch to get it to land again.   The drone proceeded to head out over the Pacific Ocean at about 30 mph.   It was kind of pretty in a dark way watching the drone sail off over the ocean, but I ended up losing the drone.   

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