Iris+ not stable on take off

Seeing I had such great help the first time around, I am back for some more help.  I am having a little bit of an issue.  When taking off on the Iris+ if I go in RTL mode during launching, it is stable and takes right off.  If I enter in STD mode, and increase the throttle until it takes off.  It seems like the back props are spinning at a higher rpm than the front.  Which causes the Iris+ to do a nose dive.  Or if I am in LTR mode (where the GPS balances out the Iris+) and I leave it alone, it tends to creep forward, until I pull back on the right stick to balance it out.  Now I was going to do a "Calibrating the ESC" does that sound like what is the problem.  I am very new, like my first ever quad copter.  I was able to take off with the RTL at start-up, but in STD mode it just wants to nose dive.  To me it really sounds like a ESC problem.

Thanks again for the fast and accurate response before.


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    And spend a few moments looking before posting...

    • I did. Thats a group section. Forums are for talking and discussing questions as well.

      If anything I should of posted in the "Quadcopter - Discussion about autonomous multi-rotor vehicles" section of the forums.

      Why would you have 2 sections anyways.
  • You're posting in wrong place - here we talk about 3DR telemetry radios, not 3DR stuff in general...

    • Oh thought it was 3D Robotics stuff in general. Where do you suggest I post into for questions I may have on the iris+?
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