I have a brand new APM 2.5 all loaded and working great according to the info displayed in Mission Planner. All the RC, inputs and outputs all move on the screen as they should.

Yet no matter how many times I re-calibrate my ESCs they still beep every 2 second indicating an abnormal input.   The ESCs work fine plugged directly into the RC receiver but when plugged into the APM it just beeps and does nothing.

How can I check the outputs from the APM ???

I do have access to some high end electrical test gear (scopes and stuff)

I have migrated from a Cirus AIOP 2 thinking this was a simple plug and play board ......AHHHHHH

Any advice would be so very welcome right now


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you can always connect mission planner and have a look at the STATUS screen, to see the exact PWM values both in AND out of the APM.

For a start, Re-do your Radio calibration.

Also have a look at the connector from the PDB to the APM, carrying the ESC signals. Make sure you have the 2-wire connector in too( for common ground reference), the Jumper1 removed, and the connector on the correct pins. that one is easy to get wrong.

Hi Wessie.... I am powering the APM from the ESCs...but have a UBEC on its way from china.  I have noticed that the when testing the voltage on the board it sits at about 4.7V.  Is this too low.  The UBEC is ordered supplies 5.5 v so hopefully any volt drop will be taken up by the extra output.

I have done the whole setup thing RC and ESC calibration 30 times ....40 times by the time you read this.

I see what you mean about seeing the outputs on MP and it all looks great but are those values being sent to the output terminals of the board.  Is there a way of testing this ???

Simplest may be to connect a servo to the output rail and see if it moves.

I do have a small servo but will that not over tax the output power maximum.

Mind you its a very simple and effective solution ....that I had never thought of

I will go and try it now ....fingers crossed

Any News Graeme?

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