Is it possible to use Adruino Due in place of ardupilot? combining with ECU EFI

Hello everyone I am very new to Arduino and Ardupilot. I have extensive expierence with Eagle tree but I am finding out that my options are being limited to the capabilities of changing the code as well as adding items.

Namely I want to add an EFI system to my UAV (25cc) and I would like to have one computer to control the avionics (autopilot) and to control the ECU/ EFI

Can the adrunio Due be used in place of the Adrunio? what I mean is can I take the Ardupilot code and put it in adrunio and get it to work?

I would need  about 9 channels outputs for the control surfaces I need 12 or so in ports for sensors like the tps sensor, O2 sensor, MAP, Baro....

Please let me know

Thank you

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