Is it possible to remove the ardupilot code from the APM2 and put on a simple arduino program - I am presuming that it should be possible, but when i try at the moment it gives me this error ...

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

which from what i read on the arduino website says that the arduino is not talking to the bootloader properly. 

What I ultimately want to do is gather the raw accelerometer data and gyroscope data and see how the accelerometer in the APM (16 bit) varies from the one that i am using at the moment (10 bit). 

is there an easy way to do this ? 

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  • Solved, 


    I had the 1280 board set instead of the 2560 board selected (point 2 on the above page). 

    It is pretty easy to remove the autopilot software from the APM2 hardware and use it as a basic IMU - if someone requires it for testing. 

    the basic steps are

     - compile your arduino program and upload to APM 

     - run / test your own code.

     - then re-upload the firmware through the mission planner interface. 


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