Group...So I am still having xbee issue on the drone side, I remembered I connected the usb while connected to the xbee to check the firmware update and load a pid setup file, it wouldn't load through xbee.  Is this normal? flight planner disconnected from xbee and connected through the usb no problem, then wouldn't reconnect to xbee.. could this have disconnected/interfered with the apm 2 connecting to the xbee modules somehow?  I am goiing to order some new DIY adapters so I can be sure if it is the ftdi adapter and have a second usb to test the modules with.  It will kill me if it is on the APM side somehow.  Any thoughts folks?

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  • T3

    Did you reload the firmware to the Xbee's via xctu? you have to select "Always update firmware" or it wont. If you have two usb adapter boards you could do a range test with XCTU from board to board to see if they are communication properly. Im sure you already bought new ones, did they work?


  • I have checked over and over, all my settings are correct  and all firmware has been reflashed, als baud rates are good, VIN nubers set.  Before I spend the money on a new xsteam bee, I need to know if this is the xstream bee or the apm 2 not communicating.  Anyone know how I can test this, shy of an ftdi to usb  cable?

    Correction I have given up on any help, I just ordered a new Xstream bee and ftdi cable but some help in the interim would be much appreciated...

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