Is rxrssi not being logged by APM at all?

I'd like to know for sure if my receiver signal drops during my flights, and I can see rxrssi in my video feed on the OSD, but for log correlation, it would be much better if it were a variable that gets logged.

However, it's been nowhere to be found in my logs. Am I missing something to get it logged on my pixhawk, or is it not part of the variables that do get logged?

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  • Marc, my patch to add logging of rxrssi was accepted this morning:

    I would expect it will show up in ArduPlane 2.4 beta 3 and beyond, and in ArduCopter 3.4.

    • Thank you very much Stewart, much appreciated.

  • Has anyone found a solution to this?

    I've had several issues with my receiver and I really need to know if rxrssi dropped to 0 or not.

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