Is the Solo good for mapping and surveying ?

Hey all,

I'm looking for a multicopter to do some mapping & surveying missions.

First I've wanted to buy an Iris+, but I've contacted 3DR and they told me that they would not do anymore the 433Mhz version.

So I'm thinking to buy the Solo. Do you have any feedbacks about this drone for mapping and surveying ?

Thanks for your help.


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  • Developer

    Awesome, I have used it for several mapping jobs and even with the GoPro its a great drone for mapping and survey. And it will only get better in the future.

    • Hi Jaime,

      Thanks a lot for your answer, that's good to know that it's a good platform for mapping. A few more questions before I decide to spend $1500 :)

      I've read on this forum that Solo can only be used with the Tower App (you can't use it with DroidPlanner). Is it true ? I personnaly think, that DroidPlanner is currently easier to use for surveying.

      If it's the case, I've tested the tower application and I'm a bit surprised about some of the functionnalities especially the survey one. If I understand correctly in the Tower App, you must specify a point and change it for "Structure Scanner". Then you can specify some options (altitude, etc.). But it only draw a buffer around this point and inside the point a grid: 

       * While you can specify the camera, you can't change the overlap. Is it possible or to change the lateral and the longitudinal overlap ?

        * Instead of using a buffer around a point, is it possible to draw a region (like in DroidPlanner) ?

      In your post, you mentionned that you have used a GoPro. Did you tried with another camera ? If yes, were you able to trigger the camera directly with solo ?

      That's a lot of question :)



      • Developer
        Tower is in fact Droidplanner 3. There was a name change. The structure scanner is not the way to go you are looking for survey. With survey you can draw a region and it will generate the flight lines based on altitude, overlap, side lap, and camera, all of which can be changed.

        Yes I have a Solo equipped with a Sony QX1 camera that I use for mapping, I made a board to allow full control of the camera from th pixhawk inside Solo.
        • Hi jaime

          would you please tell me that does solo work with mission planner or no ? moreover i am looking for a system such as solo that supports Sony camera such as QX1 .

          hat is your recommendation ?can you help me ?

          thank you

        • Hi Jaime,

          After your post I've tried again to use Tower and I've finally found where to click to get the survey option. This was not quite obvious, but I found it :)

          Regarding your custom board, would it be possible to have more details ?



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