Is the uav DevBoard suitable for this project?

Hi everyone,I want to build a hydrofoil sailing boat based on this hydrofoil windsurfer, but to use the UAV DevBoard and moving weights to stabalize pitch and roll instead of the riders body mass.I have only looked over the website breifly and am unable to find an answer due to my lack of knowledge. I just need someone with some hands-on knowledge to tell me if its possible or not, before i invest more time.ThankyouJames a

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  • I love your project.

    I am working on a RC Viking ship with 300 kites for sails.  So I think anything is possible.

    Here are my thoughts for your project:

    1. Attach the hydrofoil to a kayak, so you have a place to sit down and enjoy the ride.  And lots of room to keep the hardware dry.

    2. Attach the the windsurfer sail with 4 lines running to the hardware. You need to be able to move the sail all around.

    3. Five strong servos should do it. You don't need moving weights, just autopilot control of the sail with the five servos.

    The UAV DevBoard  will have no problem.  I trust you know C++.

    If I was doing it, I would make a 2 foot tall windsurfer sail and mount it on a boogie board.  Don't worry about the hydrofoil until you have the sail working.

    What a fun project.

  • T3
    Are you planning a full size boat or a model? If it is full size, will there be a rider on board?
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