Is there a work around

Sorry to ask so many questions, But I was wondering if there was a work around for using hobbylord Esc's with APM 2.5?

I am not a programmer so I dont know hoe to compile or etc. I did order some RCtimer 30A Simonk FW

Esc's if I cant get this working.



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  • Thanks Luke

    I will look at it I have some time till the other esc'c get here.


  • Yes i have seen that post Thanks, I just dont know how to edit the code and upload it to make it work.

    Been looking for tutorial or somthing on how to do that but cant find any..


  • Hi Luke 

    They are the same as the Xaircraft 650 esc Ultrapwm ECS.


  • Do you have more information about the ESC in question? I have not heard of them, or maybe you can elaborate on the problem you're experiencing with them?

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