• No problem, what I've got for my octo setup


    Droidworx AD8 HL 360 Airframe ( I am in the process of designing and making my own carbon fiber frames at much more affordable costs if you are keen)
    AV200 pro 360 camera mount
    Ardupilot Mega+IMU kit x 2 (one for camera mount stabilization)
    8 x 350w brushless motors (these are the Mikrokopter ones, MK3638) but any would work fine
    8 x 25A(30Amax) ESC for motors
    Custom made pdb using cables soldered to give each motor power
    a few 5000mah 4S lipos
    JR DSX9 radio + receiver
    (i dont use GPS on the octo as it not needed at all for us)
    signal cables from esc goes to 1,2,3,4,7,8, and then the pins, PB5 (10) and PE2 (11)

    code you need to replace is very easy using Arduiono software in the APM_Config.h file replace


    that's it!


    Build, setup your board, calibrate radio (with no props!) and your set. No need to mess with any settings, they all work 100%


    Hope this helps,

  • Iv build a octo with ardupilot(arducopter) and droidworx frame works perfectly and sooo stable. msg me if u need any help once u know how its very simple and straight forward, just follow the exact same steps as for the quad but solder 7+8 to the other pins as mentioned above. you need to upload octo setup to board via arduino 22 software and replace a very simple string of code. i will make a full how to when i get a gap. hope this helps.
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    There are two pins used for the last two motors of the octa. These last two pins are not the 8 regular servo out pins. They are PB5 for channel 10 and PE3 for channel 11

    The Wiki Diagrams should help you locate the motor positions and the Pin names are screen printed on the base of the APM board.

    Good luck.


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