Hello, i am working on self flying quadcopter project. I need a very sensitive gps.

I found Emlid Reach RTK Kit but it is very expensive and i don't know if i can use it like i want? Can you guys help me if you have used it before?

Normally there is one emlid on quadcopter and other one emlid settled on tripod. Base emlid send data to computer. Then, computer send correction data to quadcopter.But i wonder if i can send correction data directly to quadcopter from base? Which means i don't want to use computer to find quadcopter location.

Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    I'm using several Reach units for aerial mapping. They work very well, but I only do post processing. I also tested the RTK mode and it worked also very well, I think about 90% of 15 h of in air time I had a fix. You only need a 3dr telemetry radio to connect them.

    For what will you need the gps? Do you need a sensitive or an accurate (relative or absolute) gps?

    Anyhow, you will always have to handle the situation that the connection betten the gps units is lost, which will result in normal accuracy. Maybe you should look for another solution such as image based precision landing etc.
  • @BurakYtu

    Did you get anywhere with this? 

    i used two Reach RTK units in a project some time ago and they were very successful. One was set as a base unit and the other as the rover providing L1 corrected positioning. In my case I was using radio modems between the units as weight wasn't a problem and I required them to communicate over a distance of up to 10 KM's.

    The system worked very well although it did take a bit of setting up (mostly to integrate with existing equipment). I no longer have need of it, so the Reach units are available cheaply if you are still interested in your project


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