Are there anyone still interested in printed logbooks or is all now electronic?

We have built and are testing few of those with Estonian Defence League as a practise UAV. We are also using logbooks (in Estonian) with these notebook covers with zipper:

I am wondering if anyone in RC commnity would be interested in buying the english version of this logbook?

Would there be someone kind enough to check if the english terms are correct?
Are we missing something essential?

The idea is to collect as little information as possible, but everything that is necessary.

Page 1:
Connect antenna, arm ground station, check:
1. the locations and heights of the waypoints;
2. fail-safe conditions.
Put the UAV ready for flight, check:
3. wing connections, elerons, servos;
4. battery, autopilot, radios, antennas, cables;
5. engine, propeller, propeller nut and spinner;
6. sensor, sensor mount, clean lens;
7. center of gravity.
Switch on the UAV, check:
8. radio link & sensor: video, telemetry, channel;
9. perform range ckeck;
10. home location and height;
11. battery voltage;
12. switch between flight modes (FPV or Auto);
13. elerons work, right direction;
14. stabilization works, right direction;
15. motor and propeller full speed test.
Before take-off, check:
16. inform the Air Traffic Service;
17. take off corridor against wind, free and safe;
18. visible airspace is free.

The logbook pages:
Logbook entry.: #
FT (min):
Total FT so far:
New total FT:
Failed take-offs:
Hard landings:
Detected errors, components requiring maintenance:
Mission description, comments and suggestions:

2 pages at the end of the logbook for components total flight hour calculation:
Total FT when first mounted on UAV
Total FT when replaced
lifetime (flight hours)

Thank you!

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Logbook for mapping drone (fixed wing UAV):

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