Is this a good medium rig build?

Hello, I'm picking a list of parts to build an endurance big rig quadcopter. The idea is to lift a Sony A6000 for mapping (nadir, no gimbal). What are your suggestions on my build?

DAYA H4 680 (FPVmodel)
T-Motor 3508 380KV (GetFPV, but currently out of stock)
15x5 propellers (APCprop for plastics (testing), and CF from T-Motor)
Tattu 10,000mAh 6S
Hobbywing Xrotor 40A (I hear these are very dependable for use with Pixhawk)
Pixhawk 2.1 "The Cube" + GPS


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  • Your propulsion system picks look good - i've used 3510 350kv motors (DJI 620S esc & 6S lipo) on pixhawk driven endurance multirotor carrying hard-mounted (vibration damped) Sony A6300. 

    You could probably get slightly improved efficiency with smaller current oriented ESCs - you'd be fine with a high quality 20A esc based on ecalc specs. Improvements prolly marginal. 

    I wasn't able to make it work but you may want to try Li-Ion batteries which will give better efficiency, if you can get away with their low C rating (current discharge max is much lower than LiPo). DIY guys built packs using 18650 cells

    Daya H4 frame looks pretty okay but I don't have any experience with it. My best frames have been ones we've built ourselves and every off-the-shelf frame we've used has its' ups and downs... 

  • Hi, yes I did. As far as the frame, here's everything I've learned so far. As it comes from China you might want to sand the edges as they're rough compared to higher quality products. You might also want to rinse with water and some cleaning solution as carbon dust is still lingering. It's held up to crashes pretty well, but I've decided to put my Pixhawk inside the main frame because on the first crash I cracked a carrier board. If you crash and need replacement parts I've heard of stories where it was difficult - you might need to buy an extra frame for that. If it had square arms it would be wonderful since you have to measure that each motor mount is level with these round arms. It's not the perfect frame, but I also don't see many other options. If I needed to upgrade, I'd design my own carbon frame from here on out. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to respond.
  • Out of interest - did you build this?

    Also looking at DAYA 680, can't find anything 'wrong' with it but chatter in general has also gone quiet about it

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