Just unpacked a new 3s 1500mah LiPo I ordered from banggood.  It arrived a month or so ago, but I only now got around to using it.  I also got a second identical battery at the same time, which is fine.

Upon hooking this one up to my B6AC charger, I was immediately informed that a cell was low (I think it was down to around 3.2V, the others were near 3.85) and the battery couldn't be charged.  I bootstrapped it by switching to NiMH mode for a bit (0.5A max current) and then the LiPo charge mode worked again.

But when the charging was completed, there was still a big imbalance in the cells: 3.81, 4.20, 4.12.

Is this battery already dead right out of the box, or is there something more I can do to try to salvage it?

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