Purchased a 3dR X8 Pixhawk in RTF config to expedite use.  The ordered configuration included the FPV option using the Sony camera, video Tx, OSD, all pre-installed at the 3dR facility and Black Pearl Diversity 8 ch monitor.  Telemetry is getting through at both the ground station and Black Pearl monitor but nothing at the monitor is the least bit useable due to video noise and the rolling picture.  There is no color representation in the video, it's all black and white.

So far nothing I have tried has provided useable video from the Sony.  Channel selections have at best provided a video stream full of noise and visible frames rolling from left to right on the monitor.  I've changed antennas to clover leaf type, re-oriented antennas, patiently tried a great many channel selection options on both the video Tx and the monitor to no avail.  I've checked wire connection, battery connections removed the video Tx from the frame to check for interference with no luck.

Help would be appreciated.


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  • I did. The issue of the negative image was due to a defective Black Pearl monitor. Exchanging the monitor for another of the same brand and model, using the same settings, instantly corrected the issue.
    • OK thanks.  My problems seem to stem from not having a fully charged battery on the copter.  The Battery had enough volts left to power flight but not initialise the video link.  Seems strange.

      • Very strange since the video power input should be 7v to 12v. and only requires 850 mA of current to function properly.  Output is 200 mW.  Any decent 2s to 3s battery will handle it and if you're flying Pixhawk you probably are using a 4s battery that is stepped down via an internal regulator to what is needed for the video output.

        Oh, if you are using the video antennas provided by 3dR with their video package, get rid of them and purchase some IB Crazy BlueBeam Ultras.  You will have very little range with the stock antennas. 3dR would do their customers a favor and provide better antennas with their systems, even if they cost a little more.  Move the video TX to a landing gear leg for much improved transmission/reception.

        Sounds more like there might be an issue with the power supply to the video channel.  Are you plugged into the correct port for video power?  A couple of port pins are 5v output on the Pixhawk.  For the monitor you can use a 3s battery as an external power supply for longer monitor duration. 

  • I wondered if you made any progress with this? I'm having the same problem. Very frustrating.

  • In the monitor try switchind video modes, pal/ntsc. Also, aspect ratio should be 4x3
    • Took awhile to find my way through the menu and button functionality.  Bless You Tube for tutorials.

      OTH, with settings for NTSC and channel selections matched up, even after adjusting the Color-Hue-Brightness-Saturation and Contrast headings in the user color menu I cannot get any color out of the display.  It looks more like an I/R or black light image than B&W or color.

      4/3 and not Auto?  4/3 reduces image size but perhaps there's a reason for 4/3?

      Thanks for your reply!

      • Still cannot obtain any color saturation in the image.  The Sony is supposed to be a color camera.  Anyone have any ideas?

        • Board cameras usually do a 4/3 aspect ration. That was just to try to get a stable image. You can do 16/9 but images will be little stretched but will take all monitor.

          Regarding the colors, hm, maybe try resetting monitor settings to defaults. Maybe you changed some menus before and forgot about it. Other than that I have no more ideas. Good luck. 

          • I'll give the defaults a try.  As you said, the 4/3 setting does cut image size a little while the full screen setting does not appear to generate any visible distortion.

            I think you for the help Oleksandr. 


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