Jdrone ESC calibration problem


I have a hexacopter from jdrones with an apm 2.5 and jdrone esc 30. I can not get any form of response from the uav when I try to go into esc calibration mode. I've checked the mission planner and was able to go through the radio calibration process so I am getting a signal from the transmitter. I just don't ever hear a tone when trying to go into esc calibration mode and I've tried both directions and sticks in case if the controls are flipped but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • ah thank you for you advice

  • Nick,

    Maybe you have inverse your Throttle...Moreover, ESC from Jdrones have different beep sounds than 3DR ESC.

    That work with me:

    Start calibration by setting your transmitter to full Throttle,

    wait for single beep.

    after the single beep, move the throttle to the minimun position and wait for 2 beeps

    Greetings.  Guillermo

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