I've built and tested the Jdrone arducopter 1.1 with the apm1, 880kv motors and 12x4.5 props X configuration. I'm completely new to the apm tuning. Was wondering if anyone has a set of PI and PID settings to make it at all stable in the air. If I was flying on of my pattern planes I would dual rate the transmitter to reduce the sensitivity. Is this recommended for the quadcopters? I'm using a Spektrum Dx8 radio. This is my first quadcopter other than an ARDrone. I have added the sonar but not the optical flow sensor as yet. there are no problems with the motors, prop direction or props upside down. It flys but it is way to sensitive. to control smoothly.

                                  Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated                                                                         John

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Hello John,


A few things when looking to have a more stable flight, the prop and motors you have are happy when lifting weight, how much are you lifting? Is it just the frame and batteries?


The PID values should be moved down or up a little at a time and testing between each change for a few seconds should give you a feel for if things get better or not!


I would try a smaller prop before moving away from the default PID settings, dropping to a 10x45 and see if there is a change in the way the quad is acting, if there is not much of a change then some PID settings could do with a tweek!


Let us know how you are coming along.





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