Hello, I was wondering if the JDrones ESC's are compatible with the turnigy programming card. It looks like they are (I have successfully connected the esc and read the settings), but just wondering if anyone had the chance to modify their parameters with such card.

Assuming they are, I've noticed that the timing setting is set to low. Is this normal? Usually ESCs have their timing to Normal so what happens if I put it to Normal as my Turnigy escs?

BTW I never had issues with such setting on my turnigys using Arducopter.


Thanks for any reply.




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Maybe I can reveal that a bit as we know them really well. They do not have same software running inside as Turnigy but yes you can use TGY card to tune those ESCs.


But please do be careful when changing settings as their original settings are outside the limits what programming cards can do in generally.

Thanks for the reply Jani.

Just another quick one: I'm setting up an arducopter for a friend, all standard components and I've noticed that the esc that gives power to the board (through the PDB) gets quite hot while sitting still and gets even hotter while the motors are running.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Tha APM+IMU has nothing other than the receiver attached. Just wondering, because I have never experienced ths in my (short) experience with other ESCs and Arducopter.



It is a 2A space heater. This is pretty typical. I think the ESC, like most ESCs, uses a linear regulator for the BEC, rather than switched, so besides the 5vcc@2a, in other words up to 10Watts for the APM, servos, RX, GPS, magnetometer, xbee, etc it is also a space heater because it is resisting its way down from 12v to 5v.


Or that is my understanding. I don't know electronics well enough to know why ESCs all use a linear regulator rather than a high efficiency transformer, or if there are better ways to generate the 5v without sluffing off so much energy as heat. But I suspect there are reasons. It is something I am curious about, not only for the ESCs, but also for every (commercial) OSD I have worked with.

I suspect, in the case of ESCs, it may have something to do with the fact that they can take input from a wide range of voltage sources, but always want to deliver specific BEC voltages, 5v, 3.3, etc. But I'm hoping someone else can explain it. I will eventually self-educate in any case, but I appreciate the fast track, when people are feeling generous. 

And, well, cost...

Do you have any official jdrones ESC programming card like the Turnigy BESC programming card?

Jani, can you please tell us jdrones ESCs 30A refresh rate as mentioned for Wookong-M ?

Did you ever get a reply from Jani? Just curious becuase I have bought a number of these 30A ESCs but could never get an answer to emails for the recommeded settings for use with APM2. I suspect the rate should not be at the default of low.

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