Joystick Button Configuration

I have an old joystick hooked up and am just using it for the buttons. (eventually want to build a custom panel for a GCS)

I have it figured out to use the buttons to Arm/Disarm and Change the modes, but I was hoping there would be more options to select from. I want to use the Joystick buttons to do some of then things you can set Ch7 and Ch8 outputs to do. Like enable, the GeoFence, or turn on Simple and Super Simple mode, or reset to the Armed Yaw, etc. 

Is there any way to map a joystick button to these functions? I realize a button is momentary, while a TX switch is on-off, but I was hoping there still might be a way. For example push a button once to enable simple mode, and push it again to disable it. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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  • I think the answer might be to use a Python Script with Mission Planner. Autohotkey could then be setup to run the script.



  • Sorry Tom, I thought this would be a bit easier. The only keyboard short-cuts that I've found are as follows:

    • F12 – disconnect or connect from/to USB or Telemetry
    • F5 – Refresh parameters
    • F2 – change to Flight Data tab
    • F3 – change to Flight Planner tab
    • F4 – change to Configuration tab
    • F5 – Refresh parameter list
    • CTL-G Nmea Output
    • CTL-W Wizard config interface

    I guess it would be a fairly easy update but my programming skills are worse than my piloting skills.


  • Tom,

    You could set up macros using Autohotkey. As long as there is a keyboard function or sequence of keyboard functions for whatever you are trying to do, you should be able to write a short script with Autohotkey to accomplish the action.

    There are alternatives, but Autohotkey is quite powerful.


    • Is there some documentation as to what keyboard function are available in Mission Planner?

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