hi, few ideas for gamepad control from missionplanner

1. use gamepad for camera control so i can use RC for flying and gamepad for advanced camera control (pan, tilt, zoom, focus, shutter, ...) there is enough controls on the gamepad for all.

2. use 4way BUTTON controller to pan/tilt camera. each click moves the cam 5 or 10 degrees.

3. add possibility to change pwm on servo outputs by clicking or holding buttons (drops, parachutes, search lights...)

what do you think?

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Hi ,


currently you can use a joystick to control the pan tilt of a camera. the limit however is in that you only have 3 usable input channels. 5,6,7.




How can I alocate the POV from a gampad to use chanels 5 and 6.

My ideea is to use the POV to control the pan/tilt of the camera . 

Or, how can I alocate a button to work on a chanel (it will go 100% all the way, but no problem with that..). Maby one button will turn the servo 100% in a direction (up) and other button wil move the same servo in opposite direction (100% down). Moving by 5 to 10 degrees is the best ideea if is possible...

Thank you,


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