JP1 connection not present in my board

Hello everybody,

I just received my APM2 and I have a bunch of problems.

One of them is the following:

I cannot power on my board through the output rail because my board hasn't got the connection for JP1. I can power it from the input rail (and the output rail seems correctly powered as well, checked with a voltmeter...).

Here you have a photo of my board:


As you can see, no pins have been soldered to the JP1 holes, and the holes are filled!

Is it normal? If this is a new building philosophy, you should maybe update the Wiki...

To circumvent the problem, can I use one BEC from one ESC to power the output rail and another one from another ESC to power the input rail?

Thank you very much,


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  • 3D Robotics

    I've never seen that before, and it's not the way the boards are supposed to ship. You can solder your own pins there or just create a solder bridge and that will fix it. I'll ping the factory and find out what happened.

  • Developer

    That is not what my board looked like. This seems to be a manufacturing bug on this board. 

    As others suggested, I would try and add a jumper, though you will need one that has the narrower pitch for that location.

    I would advise against connecting two BECs unless you are very sure you have the rails properly set up and you know what you are doing (I didn't, bad outcome). Two power sources with slightly different voltages may cause power to flow through your board in an unexpected way, taking components into the blue-smoke-afterlife. I have a few scorched boards to attest to that. 

  • I just looked at my board (received a few days ago).  The pins and jumper are in place.


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