JumpDrone — Aerial 3D Footage in All Directions

Hi drone enthusiasts,
My name is Will, and I’m part of a small startup called 2H2, where we’ve found something that will take aerial videography to an entirely new level.
But first, some background: Google has developed a technology called Jump — a camera rig that houses 16 camera modules, allowing filmmakers to capture 3D footage in every direction. Google’s Jump Assembler then stitches this footage together into a seamless, 360-degree viewing experience. With this technology, viewers are no longer confined to the rectangle screen. 360-degree footage puts any viewer in control of a virtual reality experience.
Here at 2H2, we want to take this immersive, cinematic experience into the aerial realm. Imagine watching Monday Night Football, or your favorite Premier League team, from a bird’s-eye view. Not only are you getting smooth, sweeping footage of the game, but you now have the capability to focus in on the players you love. See the game — or music video, scenery, or dialogue — how you want to see it.
And we believe this is totally possible. Some drones are manufactured with a circular air duct, which is perfectly configured to house a 360-degree camera rig. Seamless, 360-degree footage can now "take flight." Welcome to JumpDrone.
At this point in the game, JumpDrone is an idea. We have a vision for what we want to accomplish, but there’s a long way to go!
That being said, I’m curious to know what you think: 

  • What are your initial thoughts about JumpDrone?
  • Do you have manufacturing suggestions?
  • How and where could this idea make a positive difference or contribution?
  • Do you see any potential issues with the concept?

Let us know by posting your thoughts on our Facebook page (link below). There, you can contribute your suggestions and insights, and stay up do date on the project’s progress. If, for nothing else, join us on Facebook to watch how this "brain-child” unfolds!
In hopes of garnering additional support, we’ve also entered a startup competition called StartFest. The outcome of StartFest is determined, in part, by public voting, which ends on August 31, 2015. We’re currently in 32rd place, and would love to fix that! We could really use your support. Head over to our Facebook page, or see the "StartFest Instructions" below, for information on how to vote.
To say thank you for your initial support, we’ll give a $25 Amazon.com gift card to a randomly-selcted supporter who “likes” our Facebook page and votes for our StartFest submission. Enter to win by replying to this forum post with two screenshots: one “liking” and one voting (links to both below).
Thanks again for your support as we get things off the ground! We look forward to involving you in the development of JumpDrone!
Links and Resources:
JumpDrone Facebook
JumpDrone Twitter
StartFest Instructions: go to the StartFest leaderboard page and scroll down to “2H2”. You can vote up to five times every day until August 31, 2015. Note: the video on our StartFest submission reflects an initial angle that we took in this competition. We’re now moving forward in StartFest with JumpDrone, as I've described above.
Here's more information about Google Jump.
Here's an example of 360-degree footage, shot from the ground (click and drag the video frame to adjust your viewing angle).
Here's an example of beautiful, aerial footage, shot with a drone.
Here's an example of a music video, shot with a drone.

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I'm Liam from T-MOTOR. I would like to reach out to see if there is any possibility for us to work together.
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Jun 30
Richard Cox left a comment on Australia
"Anyone in the DIYDRONES Australian subgroup based in Alice Springs, NT?
I am experimenting with Ardupilot (standard Arduplane), Pixhawk 4 FC in a 4-ch
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Jun 29
Omar Sykes left a comment on Australia
"Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who is good at drone building, repair and software in Adelaide. Please give me a call on 0477 319 219."
Jun 29