I purchased two motors labeled CW and two labeled CCW. Im not sure If i made an error in buying the correct motors for an X frame design. 

I'm assuming it doesn't make a difference and that its the ESC's that determine whether or not the motor will spin clockwise or counter clockwise. 

With this effect which propeller goes where on the frame or will it still be one CW and one CCW up front and one CW and one CCW propeller in the back? 

Thank you for the help! 

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  • It doesn't make a difference unless they have something resembling 1-way curved surfaces for sucking in air (for cooling), in which case you want to try and get the orientation correct. Otherwise, yes, the ESCs and which ESC cable you have connected to each motor cable dictates the rotation direction.

    As for which prop / motor goes where, you need to refer to your flight controller's instructions. If you're using ArduCopter (APM, Pixhawk, a 3rd party variant, etc) then refer to the wiki's instructions.

  • Usually motors that are marked CW and CCW had threads that are right and left handed such that rotating the motor in the assumed direction will cause the nut/prop to tighten.  For an X frame you should have 2x of each diirection.  

    The ESC doesn't care about the rotation direction of the motors.

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