Dear DIYer,

We'd like to enroll several trail user to field test our L1/L2 RTK system. if you are experienced to integrate the RTK GPS into your system. please drop me a line. we will offer you an opportunity to test our new RTK system

it can do:

centimeter 3D positioning in open sky or half open sky.

can track 190 channel

can track gps l1/l2, glonass g1, beidou b1/b2 signal. more robust and tolerant to signal interference.



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Hi Tersus,

We have special skills to try this kind of GNSS.Especially with RTCM input connected to Pixhawk.

We plan to connect to the National correction network in Hungary.


Please contact me at

I have interest, please contact me at marden @

I'd be very happy to do testing and if need be made changes to the ArduPilot drivers to better accommodate the GPS modules.

You should also talk to Michael Oborne as he has the most experience with RTK within the dev community.

Cheers, Tridge

Hi, Andrew,

Great, if you have time to do the testing. I will try to enroll you in our test program.

please send me an email tersusgnss at gmail  and we need talk some logistics issues.

Also I will contact Michael too.



hi, Marden,

I will email you some details.



hi, Andre,

I will email you details.



Hi, I can test it for you. (France)

I'm experienced in APM dev too.

You can mail me at martinez 'point' allan AT

Hello Tersus,

Yes, we are interested. We have started doing tests comparing microtopography results generated from UAV data with all-terrain vehicle GPS data. Thanks


Hello Winston,

I'd love to test it (through the Canadian winter). Prior survey experience. You have my email or can send me a PM.



I would also like to be trial user. I have experience with using the Piksi with pixhawk. We are a mapping drone and currently we are using L1/L2 Gps for ground control. rob at

Hi Tersus,

I volunteer for testing your modules, especially for agricultural operations. I currently conducting trials in Canada on various GNSS/ open-src RTK systems and various Canadian environments. I could compare with others.
In addition to Michael Oborne, you should approach Randy Mackay and Dennis Baldwin. They could give you a great helping hand.


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