L1/L2 RTK trial user wanted

Dear DIYer,

We'd like to enroll several trail user to field test our L1/L2 RTK system. if you are experienced to integrate the RTK GPS into your system. please drop me a line. we will offer you an opportunity to test our new RTK system

it can do:

centimeter 3D positioning in open sky or half open sky.

can track 190 channel

can track gps l1/l2, glonass g1, beidou b1/b2 signal. more robust and tolerant to signal interference.



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  • Hi

    If your still need more people for field test I'd love to help. My company resides in Sweden and I currently use Swift-Nav RTK systems on land based system.

    I also fly profession big octa copter and planes

    You find me at: anwi at telia dot com

    Mr Anders Wikstrom

  • Hi Tersus_Team,

    I've been exploring and experimenting with other RTK implementations and I'm very interested to test this out. 

    I have quads, hexas and several different fixed wings to test them on.

    let me know the details. also tried to PM you this message with my contact but I guess we're not friends yet. :)

  • Hello, 

    I am located in San Diego, US.  I would like to provide any help you want.  I am an experienced mobil, GPS receiver and LBS developer.



  • Hi Tersus Team,

    I am also very interested in this. I have done custom GNSS HW designs before. I am based in Denmark, capital area.


  • Ohh.

    Certified Photogrammetrist, 30+ years experience large scale aerotriangulation/mapping, land survey, datums, projections, scaling, and lots of other things that could sound smart. Working with 3DR stuff couple years, 333 exemption on file, had company get an X8+, and we're surveying some points into the parking lot. Need to look smart again.

    In all seriousness, looking at reduction in ground control versus ABGPS.


  • Moderator

    I would be interested in testing your L1/L2 RTK System as well

    • I'm also interested in testing the L1/L2 RTK system here in Central Europe. GNSS systems are my hobby for over 25 years.

  • Hi,

    I could try in Mauritius, I'm a GIS developper.

  • Hello Terus Team

    I would volunteer to compare your RTK solution to the reach system, with which I have been working for the last couple weeks. 

    I`m building copters and planes as a hobby for 5 years now (mapping and photography). Currently I`m a ee student at ETH Zurich.

  • Hej
    Jeg vil meget omkostninger teste RTK GPS.
    Jeg er uddannet fotograf og landmåler
    Har aftale med USV i larst 6 år

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