Laggy servo response

I'm trying to use APM2 with my TREX 500

I already converted it to flybarless

but the servo response seems very laggy and glitchy.

Is this normal?

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  • Looking forward to those test.
    I wanna make sure it's not hardware problem.

  • Hmmm... my servos are kind of "grainy" like that, but I assumed it was my servos, they're kinda cheap Chinese things. 


    I've never seen the glitchiness in the radio setup page however.  That's weird. 


    How did you load the code?  Did you do it the automatic way in Mission Planner firmware?  Or did you compile and upload with Arduino?


    If you compiled the code, you have to remember to add #define Instant_PWM Enable in the APM_Config.h file.

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