Landing gear activation

Does anybody know whether it's possible to activate retractable landing gear using the barometer/GPS with Pixhawk?

I'd like to have my gear automatically switched into the down postion at say 5 metres above the ground when landing....

Thanks. DP

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    No built in functionality for altitude based deployment right now.  If you check the wiki page there are some options for mode based deployment.  I assume you are working with 'copter, anyway.

    It is also possible to DIY it, if you are ambitious.  I don't know how hard it would be to modify the firmware, I don't know a lick of it. If someone asked me to do this for work, I would use a $10 arduino mini to listen to the RC signal and to the mavlink messages for altitude in the telemetry.  From there I would implement some logic like retract the landing gear when the switch is up, but if the altitude is less than 5 then deploy them.

    Archived: Landing Gear — Copter documentation
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