Laser Cutting Services in Canada

Hi Folks -- returning here after a long absence, and I'm getting a project geared up.  I'm looking for a laser cutting service based in Canada. An outfit where I can send a DXF (or equivalent) as illustrated below, they supply quality balsa and/or aero ply and ship the cut parts back.  Anybody have any specific recommendation in that regard? The closer to Calgary, Alberta the better, but anywhere in Canada is acceptable so as to avoid cross border charges. Thanks very much! ~TCG5626390454?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I have used this company in China last year. they have a one week turn around time.

    Robert lloyd
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    I'm a big fan of Ponoko and although they're not based in Canada they have low cost shipping from the US.

    Otherwise a google search shows lots of laser cutting services in Toronto etc
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    • Thanks, Chris! Actually the discussions with Ponoko are ongoing. The rub is they don't carry the 1/16" hard balsa wood required for my project above and there may be some issue with the size of my parts. But there are parts which fit their line of materials and sizing so will likely give them a try for that. Will do some searching in Toronto as you suggest. Anybody in that area have any recommendations?
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