Launch of Xbotics a new E-commerce website

Avian Aerospace takes pride to launch Xbotics- an e-commerce platform with extended support from the team to guide/ train you while you explore wide range of basic as well as customizable, application-ready kits to build upon your targeted systems. The platform covers wide range of products in Aerial and Marine Systems, Robotics, Internet of Things and Computer Vision development platforms to support the overall community of enthusiasts from beginner to expert level. The range of products include individuals components, basic kits for beginners and build upon systems for enthusiasts who prefer to be oriented towards application development over the base system. We are excited to create a community of learners by constantly supporting learning and building of the kits purchased from our portal. Join this exciting mix of online shopping and learning and become a part of our community.

** Website is running Beta version as of now.xbotics.in3691372176?profile=original

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