Hi Everyone,

Im pretty sure it cant be done but I thought i would put it out there anyway.  The boat is a 20-30ft fishing boat that will be out in open waters off the coast by about a mile or so. I am expecting the boat to be moving around a bit.

I have tried to simulate this by holding my tricopter in my hand and moving it a bit whilst plugging the battery in and arming it. It didnt go well. it wanted to be at about 90 degrees if i had let go.

Has anyone got any experience with this or have any thoughts on it.

Any help would be much appreciated.




Oh yeh, also any news on ppm channel asigning for jr users. http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/frsky-ppm-setup-help-required-ple...


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Yes it can, I launch my quads from the front deck of my Kayak all the time. I also launch from my hands once I spool up the tricopter or quad - just be careful and make sure you have it properly calibrated at home first before going on the boat. Can't calibrate it on the water, very difficult to do.

Peter, are you suggesting to boot it up on shore, and then keep it alive while you venture out, so that you don't have to reboot on the boat?

The critical time is when the red-blue lights are flashing when you arm.  At that point it's calibrating the gyro center and it will keep trying to calibrate if it senses too much movement.  My guess is that if the boat is rocking too much it will take a long time to calibrate but once it does, i think it'll work.

This is more like a ship but just as risky,

Credit goes to Crudbucket a very inspiring and dedicated los/fpv pilot.


PS Safety note: People that catch or release quads from thier hands obviousy have not put in hours as the end of vid points out. These chipsets won't care if your shiney carbon props slice your face or arms up.

Yes that is what I do, then I land back on the kayak. Of course I am a seasoned kayaker and 37 year rc pilot so skill is in order to do this. Not for a noob or someone new to rc.

I guess RTL isn't an option when "home" is chugging along at 15 knots ;)

RTL is the launch dock where you turned it on. With my naza same thing but with fail safe to return and land at the dock although that has never happened. If you are way offshore its moot as it will never make it back to terra firma - as the mob says yor going to swim with fishes son! ;)
I have hundreds of hours launching my quad from my hand, never once have I been slashed. If you configure your gear correctly and hold the quad or tricopter in the right way it is no big deal. I catch my quads all the time, as do a lot of fpv'ers it's like riding a bike when you fly as much as some of us do. I still have all digits, safety Sally is for those who are careless and not confident in themselves and their gear. I teach rock climbing and extreme kayaking and I will tell you, when you are up 1500ft hanging on a ledge you better trust yourself and your gear or you are dead. Life is a Risk, a calculated one but that can be managed and the risk can be minimized if you are skilled and keep a level head.
Ps....he has ditched in the ocean multiple times...

Unless your a chipset your far to sensistive and should not flame up so easy if your a "pro" anything.

Peace the equipment can fail anytime and there is no shortage of dead pro rock climbers and race car drivers no one is perfect. That is delusional and dangerous.


I disagree - there are more dead pedestrians who crossed a road. There are more people who die from drinking bad milk, honestly you crack me up. Out of the global population how many rock climbers die each year, and on another note in NASCAR car racing how many die in race car accidents each year. Your comment just reinforces what I just said in my early post. And people who are a "pro" at something tend to live a lot longer then those who simply dabble in something. And just so we are on the same page, my prior post was not a flame, just quoting fact my friend. You should read more rcgroups fpv forums...honestly...

This was more like the info i was requiring. Powering up on shore was going to be my back up plan. Randy has sugested that whilst the blue and reds are flashing the gyros are calibrating. Does anyone know if at this stage the craft has to be perfectly still or if it is moving slightly will is be all over the place in flight?


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