3691364079?profile=original3691364136?profile=originalI am trying to figure out what are the internals of the LaserWorks (Boblov) LE-032 700M Laser Range Finder as far as laser-module used.  Also, how does it compare with the LightWare SF11/C (120 meter) module?

Are they two totally different animals?

Also, since both are able to measure the speed of an object, would it be possible to measure with them wind speed and direction?

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  • Thank you for the information.  You are right.  Did some more digging.  Looks like that these are designed to work with larger objects not the small aerosol particles needed to measure wind velocity.  That type of Anemometer LIDAR has a beam splitter that measures particle speed within an area called "fringes" where the beams converge. 

  • Without having all the details - neither product is suitable for wind speed and direction measurement. They both use time-of-flight laser technology but have very different timing systems.

    'Scope type laser range finders offer long range, slow update rate and low resolution. These are intended for use by people as an indicator.

    The SF11/C and other laser altimeters have shorter range, fast update rate and high resolution. They are intended for use by flight controllers in a fully autonomous or reporting mode.

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