I am using the new 3DR Ublox GPS with the big antenna. It gets a lock very fast and appears to be doing the right thing. However, I am having a weird problem whereby the pitch of the plane oscillates a few degress in mission planner when it is sitting still on a desk after the GPS gets a 3D lock. It is noticable in the mission planner HUD.

When I replace the GPS with my old MTK one, it works fine and no oscillation is observed.

I am using a new APM2.5 with arduplane 2.5.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any solutions out there?




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I just received the new 2.5 and have just been doing a series of bench testing but with the MTK. I will put this in my quad tonight and it will be using the new UBlox gps so I will let you know what I find.



Thanks Jack. I would be intersted in your findings. There is another thread reporting this behavour with APM2.0, so it may be an issue with the GPS, not APM itself.

Found this thread http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/new-3dr-ublox-gps-causes-interfer...

I think this may be my problem. I'll take the plane outside tomorrow and see if that fixes it.

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