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Hi Guys,


I am a hobbyist photographer and filmmaker. I would like to build an octocopter/X8. Before I begin though, allow me to say that I know nothing about RC devices and have no experience flying drones yet. Despite my enthusiasm I know it won’t be easy and it will request knowledge and experience.


I’m thinking to run 2 projects. The questions are:


-          Project A (which cheap RC would you recommend)?

-          Project B (which parts/components would you recommend)?

-          Do you know any UAV Training Workshop?


Project A (Learn stage)

Budget: £1k

Target: gain experience (assembly, learn to fly, troubleshooting)

Hardware: cheap little RC quad


Project B (Main)

Budget: £10k



Platform: range of (CarbonCore Octo 1000mm or Cinestar8)

Motor Type:

Telemetry electronics:

Camera Mount:

Radio Control:


Battery Kit:

Is there anything I'm missing?


Thank you for advice.



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  • Hi Guys,


    Thanks for all replies helping me with my project.


    After hours of flying and crashing Hubsan X4 v2 I decided to start my project B.

    DJI F550 (primary budget 1k exceeded to 1.5k) I have included a list of parts that I have already ordered below.


                                                                                             each       $                £           Final (Tax)      

    F550 Hexa                                                      1              £25.27                    £25.27     £25.27               Amazon UK

    T-motor 2814-10 kv770                                  6              $57         $362.50   £239.84   £239.84            ebay US

    Graupner 10x5                                              4              £6.40                       £25.60         ---

    Graupner 10x5 L                                           4              £6.40                       £25.60        ---

    Naza M V2 Flight Controller Inc GPS          1              £312                         £312         £533.09             Quadcopters Uk

    DJI 30A Opto Esc                                          6              £18.85                     £113             ---

    Turnigy 5000mah 4S 14.8v 20-30c               1              £48.99                    £48.99        ---

    DJI F550 Landing Gear Set                             1              £85.54                    £85.54      £85.54              Aeroxcraft

    GoPro HERO3 Black Edition                           1              £284.57                  £284.57   £284.57            OnestopDigital




    Based on the list above what would you recommend  to order next?


    -          Transmitter (Futaba (made for Naza) or Spectrum or else + lipo? Turnigy 9XR not consider any more due to bad reviews.

    -          Receiver

    -          Telemetry

    -          FPV

    -          Anything else…..





  • perhaps one of these http://www.rctimer.com/product_786.html and a kk2.0 board for Project A.

    You will need a radio system too. I prefer futaba but most ppl at my local airfield use spektrum. I guess they work too (:. Buy an 8ch radio at minimum . Also you will need a good, powerfull, temperature controlled soldering iron!

  • That sounds like a perfectly sensible approach to me. You can start right away by getting an E- Flite Blade MQX and start learning to fly indoors in any weather. It is a tiny quad but great for learning and quality and parts availability are good.
    Regards, Soren
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